Victor’s MAT 131 Archived Resources

HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Victor and this is my blog. Below are a bunch of resources that I think are helpful for MAT 130 students. If you have any questions come to an SI session or leave a comment below. You can also upload any of your helpful resources in the comment section!

My Session Schedule, Winter 2016

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Thursday 1-2pm, Richardson Library 105

Office Hour – Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm, Richardson Library 105 [/box]

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About Me

Keep Calm because Math is Awesome


  1. Attend Class– My sessions are not a substitute for lecture.
  2. Take detailed notes– Make sure to review your notes after class ASAP. If something you see doesn’t click, reach out to either the professor or myself.
  3. Stay on track with deadlines– 10 weeks go by super fast! So please, make sure you are not falling behind on homework.
  4. Redo questions you got wrong– Your final exam will be cumulative, which means everything you learn in the course is fair game! If you miss a question on homework, quizzes or your midterm figure out how to do them. You might see them again in the future.
  5. Use the resources provided– I apologize for the amount of times you guys hear this, but it is important to keep reminding you guys! We all want you to be successful, therefore, if you need help, you have Professor Khananu, the tutoring lab and myself. I promise, we don’t bite.

Videos and Handouts

Week 1: This week we covered the 3 trigonometric functions and how to use them to solve for missing parts in a right triangle. Additionally, we also learned the Law of Sines and how we use it to find the missing parts of a triangle that is not a right triangle.



Week 2: This week we covered the Law of Cosines and began to introduce the unit circle. Some important things to keep in mind was how to convert from radians to degrees and vice versa.
law-of-cosines-formula-and-picture2 when-to-use-law-of-cosines  radians-and-degrees



Week 3: This week we were introduced to the unit circle and learned how to find the six trigonometric functions if given one or two functions. However, in order to find the other trigonometric functions it is important that we remember the identities.



Week 4: This week we explored the sine and cosine graphs. We were able to identify key pieces of information that we are able to draw if we have the graph itself, such as, amplitude, the period and the omega.

sine-cosine-graph                           amplitude-period-ex2

Week 5: This week we discussed the graphs of the tangent and cotangent functions. We also learned how to solve for the intercepts and asymptotes of a given function.



Week 6: This week we encountered how to solve for inverse functions. Therefore, here are the 3 steps:

  1. Substitute f(x) with a “y.”
  2. Interchange your x with your y.
  3. Solve for y.

Also, a lot of you seem to have trouble with finding the average rate of change so here is an example with a solution.