Victor’s MAT 130 Archived Resources

HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Victor and this is my blog. Below are a bunch of resources that I think are helpful for MAT 130 students. If you have any questions come to an SI session or leave a comment below. You can also upload any of your helpful resources in the comment section!

Here are some resources from Fall 2015

Math test
Let’s not leave anything up to chance! YOU have questions and WE have answers!


  1. Attend Class– My sessions are not a substitute for lecture.
  2. Take detailed notes– Make sure to review your notes after class ASAP. If something you see doesn’t click, reach out to either the professor or myself.
  3. Stay on track with deadlines– 10 weeks go by super fast! So please, make sure you are not falling behind on homework.
  4. Redo questions you got wrong– Your final exam will be cumulative, which means everything you learn in the course is fair game! If you miss a question on homework, quizzes or your midterm figure out how to do them. You might see them again in the future.
  5. Use the resources provided– I apologize for the amount of times you guys hear this, but it is important to keep reminding you guys! We all want you to be successful, therefore, if you need help, you have Professor Khananu, the tutoring lab and myself. I promise, we don’t bite.


Still confused on what a function is? Check out this image!


Need help with Interval Notation?


How do you feel about slope? Hope this jogs your memory


Tips on studying for an exam.

1)Choose a productive study space- Do not study in the same room where your friends are playing Xbox. Go to a quiet place, such as the library.

2) Create a study schedule- This helps in reminding you of the fact that you have to study.

3) Study in small periods- This helps because you do not want to cram all the information in at once. That can be overwhelming. You need to take breaks.

4) Eat healthy- Eating a McDonalds meal can make you feel sleepy, which you cannot afford. You need energy to study.

5) Sleep well- Shoot for 6-8 hours.

6) Review problems you did not get right on either homework or quizzes! If you are stuck then get help.

7) Find a study group- There are other people just like you trying to be successful. Help each other out by coming together.

Videos and Handouts