Shayla’s MAT 130 Archived Resources

Below are resources from Shayla’s SI sessions. They are organized by week, with the most recent on top.


Reminder: I am holding a review session Sunday at 8pm in Levan rm 303. Professor Aquila is also holding a Review Session Sunday at 11am location TBA. Below are some study tips for you all. Relax. Focus. & good luck!



Calculating Growth Rates


Compound Interest


Short & Sweet Explanation of Inverse Functions


Here is a compilation of images that I think will help with the midterm review. I won’t accompany them w/ an explanation here, however come to the midterm review session with questions and we will work through them.

Point of Symmetry2

secant line slope

secant line eqaution in terms of m


shifting graphsqshift


Even and odd functions can be a little tricky when you’re first introduced to them but I am going to try to simplify them below.

Remember the functions that we’ve been evaluating the last couple of weeks? When given f(x) you have to evaluate it for f(-x) or -f(x), etc. This is where understanding those concepts comes into play. To find out whether a function is even, odd, or neither, you literally do the exact same thing we’ve been doing except once you’ve evaluated the function you check to see if it’s equal to the original f(x).


If f(x)=f(-x), then the function is an even function

If f(x)=-f(-x), then the function is an odd function

Here’s an example:

Is the following function even, odd, or neither? f(x)=2x+4

*Test the function using the even formula: f(-x)*



Does -2x+4 = 2x+4?

No, so we know that the function is not even.

Now that we know the function isn’t even, is it odd? Does -f(x)=f(-x)?



Does -2x+4 = -2x-4?

No, thus the function is not odd.

Please do not over-think this concept, you all know how to do these problems. Just remember which formula is even vs. which is odd and you will do fine. Remember, we are only building on material that you all learned how to do in the previous section.

If you still don’t understand, here is a YouTube video that does a pretty good job of explaining it, if you don’t like this one, browse around YouTube and see if you can find a clip that makes it all click.