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Just wanted to share some quick tips with you guys about preparing for your quiz! 

1. Always make sure that you are going to class and taking notes.

2. Ask questions if have questions. Do not wait until the last minute. Asking questions will enhance your understanding of the course and help you get more engaged in the lecture.

3. Review the quizzes as well as chapter slides on my math lab to help you reinforce your concepts.

4. After each chapter make notes and summaries on what you have learned.

Tips for taking exams. 

1. Always remember that your teachers want you to do well. If you are unsure of an answer do not skip it. Attempt that question to receive partial credit.

2. Focus on easy/small questions first and then move on to the difficult/longer ones. That way even if you were not able to solve the difficult question  you would still receive credit for completing the small/easy questions.


I am sharing some of the concepts with you which will help you understand the core concept of Logs and LN functions.

Lon transformationLog x and Ln x graphsLog properties



For 4.2 and 4.3 Please make sure that you have the correct formula for potential rational zeros. It is P/Q. Below is the picture which explains it in detail and with an example.

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