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I know that exponential functions might seem alarming at first, but have no fear! You have the most game breaking tool at your disposal: making a table. IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA, MAKE A TABLE! I cannot stress how powerful this techinique is. You have your x values and f(x) values which allows you to make a graph. You can create a table for any function you can think of and graph it. Here is an example of an exponential function and a table.


Here is a handy table to help you study your log and exponent rules. These will help for the final exam and be a good way to review your material.

Welcome to polynomials, the most informative and amazing function. It helps to be able to identify what polynomials are, which can be done by looking at the exponents of each varible in the function. If all variables of the function are to the power of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,…….( any number that is a whole number), then it is a polynomial.

Here is a picture to aid:

We have explored and seen what polynomials are in MAT130. Polynomials and rational functions are the best functions ever and they will be super useful for you awesome students who are going on to Calculus. Being able to find horizontal, vertical, and oblique asympototes will allow you to graph and see what are going on in the function of question. Here is a useful picture to find horizontal asymptotes:


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