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Here’s a few websites to help you when doing your homework.

Check your answer on Wolfram Alpha! It will give you much more information on the problem then you probably bargained for, but if you love math theory, this is the site for you!

My Tips for Success in Math.

  1. Always do your homework. I mean EVERY problem. You never know what might be on the quiz. You want to be prepared for the worst. Plus, it’s an easy 100% because you get unlimited tries. In the end your effort on the HW could make or break an A- and A.
  2. Go to class. I mean EVERY class. This is college. Professors move quick and don’t like repeating themselves. You can only self teach so much. Math also builds on previous topics. So you miss one topic, and you won’t be able to move on to the next topic.
  3. Take detailed notes. If you see the teacher make a math assumption you didn’t know, note it, and circle it! ex. e^0 = 1. x/inf=0. Also, write down the example problems the teacher does. They will help you more than you think when going back through the homework or online quizzes.
  4. Do more practice problems. The problem with math is you can’t really “study” for it in the traditional manner you can for other classes. The best way to study for math is to do practice problems. Practice makes perfect and after doing a problem so many times, you will remember how to do it and it will become natural.
  5. Come to SI sessions! We are here to help. We want you to understand. We will make sure you understand the most important topics and develop efficient study techniques for the class.


Here’s a quick review if your notes are confusing,

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The key to memorizing these is by doing your homework, practice makes perfect!

Videos and Handouts

Practice in class quiz 3