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So this is Biology 191 – why do we need to study chemistry?  Chemistry is the study of matter and all things living and nonliving are composed of matter.  We particularly look at the properties of organic chemistry and the importance of carbon in biology because carbon is the base for all living things.  Understanding the structures and functions of chemical processes allows us to gain a better understanding of biology (plus there are some great chemistry jokes out there!)

Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells


Metabolism really brings together the biochemistry that we have previously been introduced to in this course.  Every living thing must metabolize, but organisms are able to metabolize in different ways.  Cellular respiration and photosynthesis are the two different types of metabolism we are going to discuss.  This material appears to be rather complex, but check out the guide to aerobic cellular respiration below.


Videos and Handouts

Heredity and Genetics Review Videos

3.1 Worksheet


Final Exam Review