Deena’s BIO 192 Archived Resources

Below are some resources that I think are helpful for BIO 192 students . If you have any questions come to an SI session or leave a comment below. You can also upload any of your helpful resources in the comment section!

My Session Schedule, Winter 2016

[box]Tuesday 5-6pm, Richardson Library 109

Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm, Richardson Library 111

Office Hour – Monday 2-3pm, Richardson Library 105 [/box]

Can’t attend any of my sessions? Check out other BIO 192 SI leaders’ schedules here.

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Deena Kishawi and I’m currently a senior at DePaul University (graduating in June 2016 woot woot!). I’m originally from Chicago and I went to high school here in the South Loop. I am currently majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. I am planning to pursue a career in medicine and I’ll be starting medical school in August of 2016! I’ve been an SI leader for about two years now and I really enjoy being able to share useful tips, resources, and knowledge with students who attend SI sessions! I hope that you feel comfortable to come to me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the quarter (or even beyond)!

Outside of school, I really enjoy reading, writing, working out, cooking, and any outdoor sports/activities. I love watching New Girl, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Sherlock, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Parenthood.


Videos and Handouts

Week 2 – Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium — As mentioned in this week’s SI sessions, I’ve included some practice problems for population genetics (including using the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium). I’ve also included the practice problems as well as some really useful videos if you haven’t fully grasped the concept yet.

Hardy Weinberg Equation

Applying the Hardy Weinberg Equation

Download (PDF, 31KB)

Download (PDF, 50KB)

Week 3 – Exam I Review — As mentioned in this week’s SI sessions, I’ve included an incomplete outline of some of the most important concepts we’ve studied in class. I recommend that you do your own studying and at towards the end, work on filling in this incomplete outline without using any of your notes. This will allow you to gauge where you’re at and what you still need to review.

Download (PDF, 65KB)

As a reminder for this week – I will be hosting an exam review session from 8:30-9:30a on Monday, January 25th in JTR 111 (Learning Commons of the Library). I hope to see most of you there!

Good luck studying for your exam!

Week 4 – Reproductive Barriers and Taxonomy — This week we talked about reproductive barriers and their efficiencies. Besides the handout that was distributed in class (that you can find in your textbook as well), I recommend that you use some flashcards or other study strategies to understand and differentiate between each kind of reproductive barrier. Here are some useful resources:

Flash cards

Consolidated notes and practice questions

Week 5 – Reproductive Barriers and Statistical Analysis — As mentioned in this week’s SI sessions, I’ve included a blank matrix for the different reproductive barriers. This can serve as a useful resource when you are studying for exam 2 next week and need a way to test your knowledge on the material. Keep an eye out for a practice exam for next week’s exam!

Download (DOCX, 38KB)

Week 6 – Animal Behavior — As mentioned in this week’s SI sessions, though this week’s topics might seem really easy and common sense, they are crucial to understand and be able to apply.

Check out the incomplete outline and the practice test I made for you to study for Exam 2! I will be posting the answer key in the coming days!

Download (PDF, 62KB)


Week 7 – Exam Week — As mentioned in the SI sessions, I’ve made and uploaded a practice test for this week’s exam! Make sure to check it out and contact me if you have any questions!

Download (PDF, 103KB)

Download (PDF, 125KB)

Week 8 – Niches 


Week 9 – Energy, food, and nutrients 


I hope you’re enjoying the final weeks before the end of the quarter. I have a few housekeeping announcements that I want to inform you of for next week.
First of all, there will be an extended SI review session. It will take place Friday, March 11th, from 1:15-3:00p (location TBD). If there is any specific topic or concept you’d like for us to go over that day, please shoot me an email so I know to include it in the agenda for the day.
Second of all, next week’s SI sessions will be unaffected so try to make it to Tuesday’s session (5-6p in JTR 109) and/or Wednesday’s session (12:30-1:20p in JTR 111). It’s a great way to end the quarter on a strong note and feel very prepared for your final the following week.
Third of all, I know we’re all sick and tired of getting emails about course evaluations but I’d greatly appreciate it if you can all fill out the following survey about my performance as an SI leader. Even if you didn’t attend a single SI session, this is still a great opportunity to mention why and to help us determine ways to increase student engagement and provide resources to all students. As usual, your responses to this survey will remain entirely confidential and will allow me to determine specific ways I can better help students enrolled in SI-supported classes.
Lastly, if you would like to learn more about the Supplemental Instruction program or about how to become an SI leader yourself, please check out our website!
I hope to see you at the sessions next week! And hopefully next quarter (I’ll be supporting section 301 with Dr. Dean and Dr. Bystriansky)!
Week 10 – Final Review Week — As promised, I’ve included a practice exam as well as a concept sheet that might be a beneficial resource for you as you study for your final on Monday. I wish you the best of luck and know that you’ll do a great job!
Concept List
Practice Exam
Practice Exam – Answer Key