Super Stacks!

Soooo, in class today (1/21/2016) Professor Riely mentioned stacks. These are awesome and simple data structures that I think you can have some fun with.

He also mentioned the two most commonly used methods: push() and pop(). These methods place data into the stack and retrieve it respectively. PLEASE see the video posted below for a visual on how they operate.

Here are a few more useful functions that the Stack class carries with it that you’ll most likely apply to your next homework:

Stack Methods


Here’s a short video explaining stacks & queues and the ways they are used; I think it helps to see how they’re implemented visually (and with pretty colors :D). It’ll also help to get familiar with the terms “LIFO” and “FIFO“… You’ll see the meaning of these in the video and they’ll be a world of help when it comes to recalling these structures on an exam**not so subtle hint**

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