Plant Videos!

Videos are a good way to understand hard biology concepts—especially if you’re learning it for the first time! I’m a visual learning so videos have always been a good supplement to lecture power points.

The gymnosperm and angiosperm life cycles can get pretty dense and confusing. If you’re having trouble memorizing what occurs at which stage, check out these videos below. I thought it’d be helpful to have a video showing and explaining what occurs at each stage. The videos are pretty long, but you’ll get a much better understanding afterwards!

Double Fertilization

Double fertilziation can be one of the more confusing parts of the angiosperm life cylce. Check out this short video for quick review

Crash Course Videos

Crash Course biology is a great way to understand what has  been going on in lecture up until Exam 1. It is a good way to get comprehensive overview of what has been going on in class

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