Chemistry Study Tips Compilation

  • Review Material Before Class: The night before class, briefly look over the material in your textbook. This will  This will allow you to prepare your brain and not overwhelm you during class.

  • Attend Lecture: Attend class because the professor the one who is making your exam. The professor will go over key concepts and practice problems that will most likely show up on your exam. Attending lecture will also help you understand the thought pattern of the professor and become familiar with how they like to format problems. 

  • Study For A Hour Each Day: Take one hour of your day to study general chemistry. Cramming the day before the exam will only stress you out and will not work.

  • Form A Study Group: Get together with your classmates and work out problems together. Maybe your classmate will have a different approach to material than you do that will help you understand better.

  • Practice Practice Practice!: You should do as many practice problems as possible. Go over problems that the professor suggests in your book to strengthen your abilities in problem solving and pinpointing concepts you do not understand. 

  • Attend SI Sessions: Regularly attending SI Sessions will help you reinforce the material you learn in class. These sessions will allow you to learn material in an innovative and fun way!

How to Take Notes During Class

Taking notes during lecture can get overwhelming at times.  There is often a mega-load of information mixed with different examples and even non-related tangents. When listening to lecture, I find it useful to follow along with the book since this material contains the important information you will be responsible for. Sometimes it may be helpful to bookmark or highlight key points of the textbook before class or during lecture for later study.

-Brandon, SI Leader 2016

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