5 (Free!) Apps Every Student Needs

Use the power of your smart phone for good, not evil. These free apps, organized by type, are designed to get you organized, productive, and focused. Happy downloading!




Evernote (Android and IOS) and Notability (IOS): These cross-platform apps can be used for so many different things: record a lecture, take notes in class or an SI session, brainstorm a paper, and the list goes on. You can even download the presentation or outline for the day and use a stylus to edit right on the document.



Any.do (Android and IOS): Organize your to-do lists and daily tasks in a user-friendly interface.

Microsoft Outlook (Android and IOS): Schedule down to the minute, check email, and keep it all together.


Stayfocusd (Chrome): This app lets you block certain distracting sites (you know who the trouble makers are) for a specified amount of time so you can get your work done sans temptation.

30/30 (IOS): Create to do items and complete them within a time constraint, so that you manage blocks of time and only spend as long as you can afford to on a project. It really makes you aware of how long it takes to accomplish your tasks, and the outside reminder keeps you going.


flashcards+ (Android and IOS) and Quizlet (Android and IOS): Standing in line at the store? Stuck in the waiting room? Use that time efficiently with a flashcards app. Whether it’s increasing your vocabulary or studying key terms for an upcoming test, the existing lists are easy to use and infinitely helpful.



Duolingo (Android and IOS): Reinforce last quarter or get ahead of the class with this fun app that makes language learning into a game. Daily challenges are short but keep you progressing in a variety of learning styles.



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